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Computer Brands

We sell, repair and upgrade Computers and Laptops.
We can also supply Intel and AMD Processors, Motherboards,
Hard Drives, Modems, CD-ROMs, DVD Drives and anything
else your computer may need.

In our well kitted workshop we can carry out many tests on machines including memory tests, virus scans, all hardware and software tests.

It is very important in todays age of technology to be protected against viruses, adware, spyware and other malicious threats which can affect the performance of your machine.

Lakeland Computers

Computer Upgrades - If your machine is struggling to provide the performance and functionality for the tasks you need it to do, talk to us about the upgrade potential of your machine.

Broadband - is your computer broadband compatible?.
Have your computer upgraded for high speed internet use.

"The performance to meet every challenge Innovative, well-designed systems with the right configurations provide the right solution for any field of application"